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Truckr – Journey towards Smart Transportation in India

Highways are considered as lifeline of developing India and Road transport is vital to India’s economy. With the development of the country, these road networks are scaling huge.

There is handsome growth in the manufacturing sector in India. Good quality fast moving consumables which are being produced in India, needs to be delivered to the market rapidly. At this stage, 70% of the transportation of such goods is handled /managed by Road Transportation. Been a Multi-Million Industry there is a huge rise in service providers for road Transportation. Nowadays, Road transportation has become a costly affair which is a major cause of the inflation.

Transportation Industry

These are some factors which affect the freight charges

  • Inflation causing high fuel prices which raises the Freight Amount.
  • Poor Maintenance of the vehicles causing more consumption of fuel.
  • Availability of Return Load to the Truck and payment policies of the company.
  • Middleman / Dalal getting commission for providing the load raise the freight charges.
  • Problems with Labor for Loading and Unloading the material, halting causing more time for load delivery.

There is a need of smarter ways to tackle these problems. With Growing Digital India, Truckr has introduced itself as a platform which helps the transporters to find the load of their route on single tap of their Smartphone. Getting proper load at proper time will help them to run their business efficiently and there will be considerable changes in freight charges.

To identify the Transporter for the load with economical freight charges is very hectic job, but with Truckr Mobile App dispatch person of manufacturing company can quickly get the quote from transporters of that route and perform the transaction with them.

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